Time and Resource Management (2 Units: BSBWOR501 + BSBLDR511) (2019)

<p>How can you increase productivity in the workplace yet reduce stress at the same time? Understanding how to effectively manage your time and resources is the key. This is not just about writing checklists and implementing schedules. What you will need are skills in communication, relationship management, motivation and self-discipline.</p> <p>This Time and Resource Management course has been designed for specific application to the workplace, especially for managers, supervisors and team leaders. In addition to time management training, you will learn how to expand your skills in leadership, emotional intelligence and workplace relationship management.</p> <h3 id="learn-time-management-skills">Learn Time Management Skills</h3> <p>Every day we face deadlines. Time is tied to everything we do but time is limited. This time management course will enable you to prioritise your work and eliminate time-wastage. Time management training will enable you to create a work environment that is less stressed and more productive, restoring a work-life balance for everyone.</p> <h3 id="build-your-emotional-intelligence">Build Your Emotional Intelligence</h3> <p>Emotional intelligence training will also be covered, an important skill for managers that can improve social interactions, increase psychological well-being and enhance negotiation abilities. Participants will learn to identify the impact of their own emotions on others in the workplace, recognise and appreciate the emotional strengths and weaknesses of others, and understand how to use emotional intelligence to maximise team outcomes.</p> <h3 id="lead-and-manage-effective-workplace-relationships">Lead and Manage Effective Workplace Relationships</h3> <p>Participants will also learn how to create and manage the processes and procedures to support workplace relationships. This includes the management of ideas and information, establishing systems to develop trust and confidence, developing and maintaining workplace networks and relationships and how to manage difficulties to achieve positive outcomes.</p> <p><strong>Who Will Benefit</strong></p> <p>This program is particularly useful for:</p> <ul> <li>Managers</li> <li>Supervisors</li> <li>Team leaders</li> <li>Anyone wanting to increase their personal and/or team productivity</li> <li>Anyone aspiring to a management position</li> <li>Anyone seeking formal recognition of their existing skills and knowledge</li> <li>Anyone looking to extend their career path options</li> </ul> <p><strong>How Your Employer Will Benefit</strong></p> <p>You will be equipped with the skills to:</p> <ul> <li>Better manage the workload of yourself and others</li> <li>Be able to implement systems that increase productivity for a team</li> <li>Lead and inspire a team using emotional intelligence</li> <li>Develop strategies to achieve team and organisational goals.</li> </ul> <p><strong>Learning Outcomes</strong></p> <ul> <li>Improved self-awareness, including how to better manage your interactions with others</li> <li>Ability to establish personal work planning</li> <li>Ability to set and meet work priorities and goals for yourself and others</li> <li>Capacity to identify learning and development opportunities for yourself and others</li> <li>Understand how to effectively use technology to manage work priorities and commitments</li> <li>Use foresight and better time management to create a work-life balance for yourself and others</li> <li>Enhanced professional competence.</li> </ul> <p><strong>VET Qualification</strong></p> <p>Successful completion of the Time and Resource Management course and assessment will count towards partial completion of the BSB51918 Diploma of Leadership and Management qualification. It can also be undertaken as a standalone course. Participants can elect to convert to the full qualification at a later date (conditions apply).</p> <p><b>Unit of competency completed: </b></p> <p>BSBWOR501 Manage Personal Work Priorities and Professional Development</p> <p>BSBLDR511 Develop and Use Emotional Intelligence <br> <br></p> <p><strong>Discounts</strong></p> <p>Discounts apply for the following:</p> <ul> <li>10% discount for UTS staff, student and alumni</li> <li>10% discount for 3 or more enrolments from the same company</li> </ul> <p>Discount can be selected from the drop-down box on the Book Now page</p> <p><strong>Max Enrolments:</strong> 20 Places</p> <p><b>Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)</b><br></p> <p>All participants shall have access to and can apply for Recognition of Prior Learning on enrolment for all unit(s) of competency in this qualification. Candidates who consider that they already possess and can demonstrate the competencies outlined in the unit(s) of competency shall be granted credit on substantiation. Please contact <a href="mailto: Request"></a> for further information. <br></p> <p><b>Payment Options</b><br/></p> <p>To be invoiced – email <a href="mailto: Request"></a> or Tel: +61 (02) 9514 9881. <br/><br/> Credit Card – proceed to the <b>'BOOK NOW'</b> button and follow the prompts. <br><br></p> <p><strong>Pre-enrolment information</strong></p> <ul> <li>Language, literacy and numeracy requirements: Learners enrolled will have to successfully complete a Language, Literacy and Numeracy test prior to commencement of training. Learners who do not currently hold adequate literacy and numeracy skills to complete the course will be provided with additional learning support or directed to Foundation Skills programs based on the level of assistance required.</li> <li><a href="" target="_blank">VET Learner Handbook and Agreement</a> provides information on your rights and obligations as a learner. You will have to read and agree to the terms and conditions listed here upon enrolment.</li> </ul> <p><font color='red'>Please note that your booking is not confirmed until your enrolment interview with accessUTS is completed. After you have booked the course, accessUTS will get in touch with you to schedule your interview. If you are enrolling in the whole qualification or multiple modules you will only have to complete the pre -enrolment interview once.</font><br></p> <p>For queries regarding course content, enrolment or payment please contact accessUTS Pty Ltd RTO:90811 on Tel: +61 (02) 9514 9748/9881 or email <a href=" & Resource Management"></a><br/><br/></p> <p><font color='blue'><b>Please note that this course is not open to International Students</b><br></p>

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