Financial Analysis Certificate-using Excel by Distance Learning FADL Australia (FAC19002)

<p>The Financial Analysis Certificate by Distance Learning, using Excel is designed for professionals in the accounting and finance environment who need to enhance their professional skills. It appeals especially to accountants, bankers, finance managers, financial analysts, financial controllers, financial advisers and others who wish to add spreadsheet design, spreadsheet security and advanced modelling to their skill sets. The evaluations are outstanding and many students have been able to significantly enhance their careers based on what they have learnt in the course.<p></p> <h4 id="please-note"><b>Please Note:</b></h4> <p><b>This course (FADL) is only available if you are resident outside Sydney.</b> Exceptions to this rule are rare and are generally only granted where religious observance or physical disability prevents class attendance. Applications for exemption to this rule should be made to James Clarkson (see contact detail below).</p> <p><b>To register as an international student living outside of Australia, please click <a href="https://shortcourses-bookings.uts.edu.au/ClientView/Course/2699/Details/Financial-Analysis-Certificate-using-Excel-by-Distance-Learning-FADL-International-FAC19003?EarliestStartDate=&LatestStartDate="> here</a> </b><br><p></p> <h4 id="about-the-course"><b>About the Course: </b></h4> <p>This course has the same content as FAC (Financial Analysis Certificate, using Excel) and leads to the same well-regarded qualification. The first part of FAC is a fast-paced comprehensive set of tools to tap into the full power of Excel. The second part of the course builds 'smart' analytical models, useful applications for more advanced techniques, which are transferable throughout an organisation.</p> <p>Each student is provided with 400+ pages of materials and set of working files, and sample solutions is downloaded from the web via a link provided in the course notes. The course material is strictly copyright and may not be copied, or transferred to another person in any form.</p> <p>This course may be commenced at any time after successful registration and may be done at your own pace. We recommend completion in 3 to 6 months. A 6 months extension may be granted upon application. If not completed within 12 months, an administration fee equal to one-quarter of the course fees becomes payable.</p> <p>Applications for a transfer of enrolment to another person should be made by lodging another application for registration clearly stating the reasons for the application. No fee is payable if the initial enrolee has not commenced the course, and if the course is completed within 12 months from the date of the original enrolment.<P><br></p> <h4 id="how-to-use-the-materials">How to use the Materials:</h4> <p>Although some of the material may appear familiar to you, from a brief reading of the introduction, it will still prove beneficial to work all the exercises as presented, and read the commentary and notes associated with each exercise. In addition to the pure Excel knowledge involved, there is considerable discussion and demonstration of technique and style, which is an important part of the content of the course.</p> <p>Students who skip through the material, only working exercises that appear unfamiliar do not gain as much from the course and then have difficulty in completing the review exercises, since much of the technique and approach presented is overlooked.</p> <p>Our experience with in-class students who have vast experience with Excel and modelling is that they profess considerable satisfaction in working even the simpler exercises, as it provides very useful input as to how to solve common problems and highlights techniques and knowledge that they have not previously encountered.</p> <p>Within the notes there are four review exercises for completion and marking at the appropriate stage of the course. Exercises and all feedback by the lecturer are by email. Completion of all six exercises demonstrating the knowledge in the course qualifies for a certificate of completion.</p> <p>Alternatively, at the end of the course, there are assessable exercises. By sumitting these, a certificate graded at Pass, Credit, Distinction or High Distinction grades may be earned.<br><br></p> <h4 id="about-the-presenter"><b>About the Presenter</h4> <p>James Clarkson:</b> Following an early career in both public and commercial accounting, James has more than twenty years experience as a presenter of professional programs and more than twenty five consulting and developing for blue chip clients. He has gained wide experience in model design and development and application development using Microsoft Office, Visual Basic, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). He is an outstanding educator and consistently rates very highly on student evaluations (averaging 4.5 on a 1 - 5 scale).<br></p> <h5 id="what-our-students-say">What our Students Say</h5> <p>&quot;This course is not just about “Formulas”. James challenges our entrenched way of building models through technique and planning. A tremendous value-add for any employee using Excel&quot; - John E.</p> <p>“I found this course incredibly helpful and would highly recommend it as a good investment of time and money to anybody requiring advanced skills in the use of Excel.” - Rob E</p> <p>&quot;I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you once more for this course. I learnt an immense amount, and am so glad I did it!&quot; - Alex M<p><br></p> <h4 id="prerequisites"><b>Prerequisites</b></h4> <p>At least 6 months practical Excel experience in a business setting and capable of assimilating new material at a fairly rapid pace.<p><p></p> <h4 id="discounts">Discounts</h4> <p>A 10% discount applies for 2 or more enrolments from the same company. This discount can be selected from the drop-down box on the Book Now page.<p><br></p> <h4 id="payment-options">Payment Options</h4> <p>To pay by <b>Credit Card</b> – proceed to the <b>'BOOK NOW'</b> button and follow the prompts. Please note that payment by Amex is not available for this course.<p></p> <p>To be <b>invoiced</b> – Please complete the <a href="https://www.uts.edu.au/sites/default/files/2019-07/Payment-Manual-Enrolment-on-Invoice-Request-AccessUTS-2018-group.doc"> Manual Enrolment on Invoice Request Form </a> and email it to <a href="mailto:short.courses@uts.edu.au?subject=Financial Analysis Certificate invoice request"> UTS:Short Courses</a><br></p> <h4 id="further-information"><b>Further Information</b></h4> <p><a href="https://www.uts.edu.au/sites/default/files/2019-07/Fadl-UTS-Rev-3.pdf"> Financial Analysis by Distance Learning Brochure </a><p></p> <h3 id="other-information"><b>Other Information</b></h3> <p>For any enquiries regarding tailored private courses for your organisation, please contact accessUTS on +61 (02) 9514 5156 or email <a href="mailto: accessUTStraining@uts.edu.au?subject=Query">accessUTStraining@uts.edu.au</a> or Tel: +61 (02) 9514 9881. <p></p> <h4 id="contacts"><p><b>Contacts</b><p></h4> <p>For specific queries regarding the program contact: <a href="mailto:james@clarksonitt.com?subject=Financial Analysis Certificate query">James Clarkson</a> or Tel: +61 (02) 8088 1222.</p> <p>For enrolment or payment contact: <a href="mailto:short.courses@uts.edu.au?subject=Financial Analysis Certificate query">UTS:Short Courses</a> or Tel: +61 (02) 9514 2912.</p> <p><b>Please Note: Starting and closing dates are irrelevant in distance learning. YOU MAY ENROL AT ANY TIME.</b>

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