Introduction to Frame Creation - DAB19001

<p>This course is a one day introduction to the Frame Creation Model - a design based methodology that can be used to help solve complex problems. Frame Creation was developed in practice at the UTS Design Innovation Research Centre on Designing out Crime projects, based on how the world’s leading designers tackle difficult problems.</p> <p>This methodology is structured in nine steps and provides a framework to allow us to ‘take a walk around the problem’ and develop a sound understanding of the problem context, before contemplating solutions.</p> <p><iframe src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/MsSrvVw2Dkg" width="500" height="281" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></p> <p><h2>Who Will Benefit</h3></p> <p>This program is particularly useful for:</p> <ul> <li><p>Public sector organisations: local and state government employees</p> </li> <li><p>Private sector organisations</p> </li> <li><p>NGO’s</p> </li> <li><p>Design practitioners</p> </li> <li><p>Innovation teams in public and private organisations</p> </li> </ul> <p><h2>Program topics </h3></p> <p>The Frame Creation Model:</p> <ul> <li><p><b>Archaeology</b> – the history of the problem</p> </li> <li><p><b>Paradox</b>- why it is difficult to solve</p> </li> <li><p><b>Context</b> – the inner circle of stakeholders</p> </li> <li><p><b>Field</b> – the wider stakeholder group</p> </li> <li><p><b>Themes</b> – the pattern of human values common to the stakeholders</p> </li> <li><p><b>Frames</b> – a different lens through which to view a problem and open up the possibility of innovative solutions</p> </li> <li><p><b>Futures</b> – what would the new future look like</p> </li> <li><p><b>Transformation</b> – planning for action – short and long term goals</p> </li> <li><p><b>Integration</b>- integrating change within organisations to sustain innovative processes</p> </li> </ul> <p><h2>Course Outcomes</h3></p> <ul> <li><p>Learning a design based innovation methodology</p> </li> <li><p>Improved problem solving techniques</p> </li> <li><p>Stakeholder mapping</p> </li> <li><p>Advance innovation skills</p> </li> <li><p>Practice in thematic analysis</p> </li> <li><p>Reframe a problem and open up new opportunities for resolution</p> </li> <li><p>Reflect on your own organisational practice</p> </li> </ul> <p><h2>About the presenter</h3> <b>Dr Lindsay Asquith</b> is an experienced workshop facilitator and researcher and has worked closely with public sector organisations for a number of years assisting them with complex problem solving.</p> <p>She established a Design Think Tank at the City of Sydney where she worked as Night Time City Project Manager before re-joining the team at Designing Out Crime to teach on the Graduate Certificate of Public Sector Innovation.</p> <p><b>Bridget Malcolm</b> is a strategic design, research &amp; communications professional passionate about supporting leaders to evolve their practice to address increasingly complex problems. With 12 years’ experience influencing change across the public and private sectors, Bridget has developed a unique skillset &amp; become an expert ‘translator’ between disciplines.</p> <p><br><h2>Fees and Payment</h3></p> <ul> <li>$795 - GST Free</li> </ul> <p><b>DISCOUNT OPTION</b></p> <ul><li>10% Discount for UTS Staff, Student and Alumni <p><li>10% Discount for 3- 5 enrolments from the same company <p><li>20% Discount for 5 or more enrolments from the same company</ul> <p><b>PAYMENT OPTIONS:</b></p> <ul><li>Pay by <b>CREDIT CARD</b> – Please proceed to the 'BOOK NOW' button and follow the prompts <p><li>To be <b>INVOICED</b> - Please complete the <a href="https://shortcourses-bookings.uts.edu.au/capabiliti/GetFile.aspx?FileGuid=7dfbff0e-e5f1-4b85-8a7f-a4b3ef034caa"> Manual Enrolment on Invoice Request Form </a> and email it to <a href="mailto:short.courses@uts.edu.au?subject=Invoice Request"> UTS:Short Courses</a><br> <p><ul><li>Invoice payment needs to be paid prior to attending the course</b> <p><li> If you wish to enrol into the course <b>7 days prior to course commencement</b> then payment will have to made by <b>CREDIT CARD </b>only. Invoice Payment is not available in this instance</ul></ul> <p><br><h3>Contact Information:</h3> For specific queries regarding course content, please contact <b>Design Innovation Research </b> at <a href="mailto: designinnovation@uts.edu.au ?subject=Introduction to Frame Creation enquiry "> designinnovation@uts.edu.au </a></p> <p>For any enquiries regarding enrolment or payment, please contact <b>UTS Short Courses</b> on Tel: +61 (02) 9514 2912 or email <a href="mailto:short.courses@uts.edu.au?subject= Introduction to Frame Creation">short.courses@uts.edu.au</a> <p style="text-align:center;"><t style="color:red;"><b>Please remember to enter your "ORGANISATION NAME" and "JOB TITLE" when signing up for the course.</b></t></p>

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