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Vocational Education & Training (accessUTS)

Vocational Education & Training (accessUTS)

  • Short Courses & Conferences

    accessUTS:BSB51915 Diploma of Leadership and Management - 9 Courses - 12 Units - 9 Days (2017)


    Excel as a manager in your workplace. Develop your practical skill and gain insight into principles critical to professional management with the BSB51915 Diploma of Leadership and Management at accessUTS Pty Ltd. Innovative and engaging delivery will give you confidence in your technique and…

  • Short Courses & Conferences

    BSB51915 - Financial Management (1 Unit: BSBFIM501) (2017)


    Understand the financial objectives of your organisation and work team. Plan and implement financial management approaches that monitor and control finances, support team goals and members, and review and evaluate budget effectiveness. Learning Outcomes Clarify budget/financial plans with relevant…

  • Short Courses & Conferences

    BSB51915 - Manage Meetings and Communicate with Influence (2 Units: BSBADM502 + BSBLDR503) (2017)


    This course module develops the skills and knowledge required to manage a range of meetings including overseeing the meeting preparation processes, chairing meetings, organising the minutes and reporting meeting outcomes. Students will learn to present and negotiate persuasively, lead and…

  • Short Courses & Conferences

    BSB51915 - Operational Planning (1 Unit: BSBMGT517) (2017)


    This course focuses on business planning and the active work of managers to plan, implement, monitor and record performance to achieve business plans of the team/organisation. Developing and implementing operational planning is vital to ensure that the objectives and strategies outlined in the…

  • Short Courses & Conferences

    BSB51915 - Project Management (1 Unit: BSBPMG522) (2017)


    Project management skills are fundamental for effective management. Identify the key actions at each project stage, manage timelines, quality standards and budgetary limits for any project Learning Outcomes Assess a project scope Define project stakeholders and identify their specific needs Clarify…

  • Short Courses & Conferences

    BSB51915 - Risk Management (1 Unit: BSBRSK501) (2017)


    Develop the skills and knowledge required to develop, implement, manage and evaluate risks in a range of contexts across an organisation or for a specific business unit or area. Learning Outcomes Identify the fundamentals of risk management principles, framework and processes Establish the risk…

  • Short Courses & Conferences

    BSB51915 - Team Management (1 Unit: BSBWOR502) (2017)


    High performing teams don’t just happen. Behind every successful team is a skilled manager who has the ability to coax the best out of people, in all situations. This Team Management course has been designed to equip you with the skills to create, develop and nurture a successful team. Create a…

  • Short Courses & Conferences

    BSB51915 - Time and Resource Management (1 Unit: BSBWOR501) (2017)


    How can you increase productivity in the workplace yet reduce stress at the same time? Understanding how to effectively manage your time and resources is the key. This is not just about writing checklists and implementing schedules. What you will need are skills in communication, relationship…

  • Short Courses & Conferences

    Facilitation essentials: engage and influence with groups


    Need to get everyone on the same page? Facing hostile or disinterested participants? Keen to generate meaningful and powerful conversations? When you need to Make Stuff Happen with others, facilitation is a fundamental skill. This one-day introductory course will enhance your ability with groups of…

  • Short Courses & Conferences

    PartnerUP Strategic Partnerships Intensive Course


    The PartnerUP two day intensive is designed for organisations and individuals who want to increase the success of their marketing and strategic partnerships by leveraging a proven framework and partner friendly network. Develop a unique advantage in scaling, increasing distribution, growing your…