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  • Short Courses & Conferences

    CLG18001 - Building Regulation


    This five-day professional development course provides essential skills in understanding and implementing building regulation in New South Wales. The course provides up-to- date advice in interpreting and applying the regulatory requirements for dwellings (Class 1) and outbuildings (Class 10) as…

  • Short Courses & Conferences

    CLG18002 - Development Assessment


    Development assessment is one of local government’s most high profile and resource consuming activities. This five-day professional development course deals with the basic building blocks of development control and environmental assessment. It explores assessment and urban design and the role of…

  • Short Courses & Conferences

    CLG18003 - Local Infrastructure Funding


    The NSW development contributions system continues to evolve. The provision of public infrastructure underpins the sustainable development of our cities and towns. Questions about the long-term financial sustainability of local government, the under-investment in public services, the privatisation…

  • Short Courses & Conferences

    CLG18004 - Swimming Pool Assessments, Compliance and Safety Awareness


    This two-day course will provide participants with an in depth understanding of NSW swimming pool legislation including the roles and responsibilities of Council and Accredited Certifiers. This interactive training course will assist participants to gain the skills and confidence to assess and…

  • Short Courses & Conferences

    CLG18005 - Foundations in Public Participation


    The highly regarded and innovative flagship certificate program IAP2 Certificate in Public Participation has been streamlined and refined in response to the training needs expressed by participants in evaluations across many continents. The new Foundations in Public Participation has been designed…

  • Short Courses & Conferences

    CLG18006 - Certification Short Course


    The Certification Short Course is for building professionals wishing to become accredited certifiers or renew their accreditation. It has been approved by the Building Professionals Board (BPB) and successful completion of the course is a prerequisite for an application for accreditation with the…

  • Short Courses & Conferences

    CLG18007 - Building in Bushfire Prone Areas


    This one day course is designed to improve participants understanding of the bush fire requirements associated with the submission and assessment of a new dwelling application in a Bushfire Prone area. Who Will Benefit? This program is particularly useful for: Planners, Architects and designers…

  • Short Courses & Conferences

    CLG18008 - Plan Reading


    This one-day course is designed to provide participants with training in reading and interpreting the various types of plans used in planning departments in local government. The course will draw on a variety of teaching methods and many practical workshops to provide hands-on experience in…

  • Short Courses & Conferences

    CLG18009 - ABC of the BCA


    This one-day seminar is designed to provide participants with a general overview and understanding in using and navigating around the Housing Provisions (Volume 2 of BCA). The interactive training program will assist those with a limited understanding, to gain a better appreciation of the basics of…

  • Short Courses & Conferences

    CLG18010 - Advanced Development Assessment


    This five-day professional development course is designed for experienced practitioners seeking enhanced skills and effectiveness to operate in a complex and rapidly changing system. This course deals with key themes including interpreting and applying planning instruments; identifying and acting…