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  • Short Courses & Conferences

    CLG17016 - Performance Solutions and Principles of Fire Engineering


    This two-day course provides participants who prepare or assess alternative solutions with the skills to avoid significant pitfalls by identifying risks, common misconceptions and required levels of performance. The course will discuss legislative requirements, recommended work practices and the…

  • Short Courses & Conferences

    CLG17018 - Advanced Building Regulations


    Advanced Building Regulation is a five-day professional development course designed to upgrade skills in the assessment of more complex multi-storey residential, commercial and industrial buildings. This course covers Class 2-9 Buildings (Sections A-H of Volume 1 of the Building Code of Australia)…

  • Short Courses & Conferences

    CLG17019 - Environmental Health in Practice


    Local government is responsible for ensuring the health of their local communities and environment is protected. To achieve better environment and public health outcomes, Environmental Health Officers and other government staff must develop and maintain skills and knowledge in a wide range of…

  • Short Courses & Conferences

    CLG17020 - Social Planning & Community Development


    Local governments are uniquely placed to respond positively to local issues, challenges and opportunities. Strong social planning processes that promote integration and collaboration and are firmly grounded in the social justice principles of equity, access, participation and rights will support…

  • Short Courses & Conferences

    CLG17023 - Enhancing Local Government Service Delivery


    More than ever, councils are looking for ways to ensure the mix and quality of services they provide are relevant to their communities, and are financially sustainable. This course has been designed to help meet these challenges, through building understanding and skills in reviewing and…

  • Short Courses & Conferences

    CLG17033 - Swimming Pool Assessments, Compliance & Safety Awareness

    This two-day course will provide participants with an in depth understanding of NSW swimming pool legislation including the roles and responsibilities of Council and Accredited Certifiers. This interactive training course will assist participants to gain the skills and confidence to assess and…

  • Short Courses & Conferences

    CLG17037 - Certification Short Course


    The Certification Short Course is for building professionals wishing to become accredited certifiers or renew their accreditation. It has been approved by the Building Professionals Board (BPB) and successful completion of the course is a prerequisite for an application for accreditation with the…

  • Short Courses & Conferences

    CLG17038 - Planning for Bushfire Prone Areas (Byron Bay)


    Please note that this course is being delivered in Byron Bay, NSW. This five-day course is designed to provide planning and development professionals, particularly those working in the local government arena, with the necessary skills and understanding to apply the relevant requirements of the…