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Turnaround Management Association Program

Turnaround Management Association Program

  • Short Courses & Conferences

    TMA17003: Strategic Management for Turnaround 23-25 August (Sydney)


    Strategic Management for Turnaround investigates how leaders fix troubled companies using real life Australian and international case studies, including interviews with leading Australian turnaround practitioners and corporate bankers. Whilst it has deep academic underpinnings, this is a highly…

  • Short Courses & Conferences

    TMA17004: Accounting for Turnaround 25 - 27 October (Melbourne)


    The Accounting for Turnaround program is a specialist course to provide familiarity with the accounting processes and conventions essential to reviewing and managing business activities, especially those involved with the management of a firm being re-organised. The course builds an understanding…

  • Short Courses & Conferences

    TMA17005 Law for Turnaround 23 - 25 November (Melbourne)


    The Law for Turnaround Course is a specialist course for those working in the turnaround industry. The course examines the legal issues involved with restructuring financially distressed companies. The course is suitable for professionals working in restructuring or turnaround positions within…

  • Short Courses & Conferences

    TMA17007: Leading Corporate Turnaround: How Leaders Fix Troubled Companies Book


    Pre-reading material for the TMA Strategic Management module: Leading Corporate Turnaround